Lifespan Occupational Therapy

The OT Clubhouse offers clinic and community-based occupational therapy services for children and young adults with a variety of needs throughout the Eastside.

Occupational therapy can meet a variety of developmental needs. Some children arrive with a diagnosis and referral in hand from another professional.

Some parents find us on their own, their children having no diagnosis, but with a hunch that they seem to be struggling in some way. 

Motor or cognitive skills, attention, and sensory processing differences may be causing breakdowns at school, home, and the community.

Occupational therapy impacts those activities that occupy our time:  meeting basic self-care needs, playing, learning, working, moving, managing our time, money, transportation, even our bodies--in other words, everyday living.

Whether you need help in basic life skills, you'd like to supplement your young child's school-based therapies, or want to start addressing broader life skills for an older child or young adult, the OT Clubhouse targets life where it is lived.

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Changing the Way We Think About Transitions

We are all about the “getting ready” for our children with sensory processing needs. That is, our focus is front-loaded. As therapists, while prepping our sessions, we have ready what each child needs in order to be at an optimal place for learning. As parents, we have learned what works for our child to be […]

Showering as Sensory Tool

I’ve been unable to find any evidence regarding the benefits of showering, but anecdotally, it has become one of my favorite self-regulation tools.  As children head back to school, parents are in the position of adjusting their child’s sensory diet to now fit the morning routine.  That can be tough. When I became a parent, […]

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About The Clubhouse

Teresa Fair-Field, OTR/L

With a 20-year career in neuro-rehabilitation, I specialize in assessment and coaching of functional living skills, incorporating sensory needs and support strategies in a real-world setting.

I am currently partnered with a BCBA (Board Certified Behavioral Analyst) conducting research regarding the efficacy of occupational therapy services as a treatment phase in coordination with ABA therapies for children with Autism Spectrum diagnoses and sensory processing differences. Please ask me about my ABA partnerships, our studies, the outcomes, and the opportunities we've had to present our findings. It is exciting work!